Lexol Leather Cleaner 17 oz


SKU: 36010082

  • Carefully balanced formula falls within the pH range of leather, making it safer for leather
  • Concentrated formula cleans effectively with a smaller quantity of product
  • Foaming action penetrates leather pores to lift and suspend dirt and oils
  • Does not contain waxes, oils, or additives
  • Rinses easily, leaving leather healthy, supple, and able to breathe
  • 17 ounces

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Lexol Leather Cleaner will effectively clean your leather while being gentle enough to not cause any damage. It will loosen and lift any dirt and grime with its foaming action so you can easily wipe it away. This cleaner does not contain any additives or waxes which would clog the pores of the leather and it won’t leave any films or residues that might discolor the leather. It washes away easily and leaves your leather feeling soft and supple and ready to be conditioned.