Blackrock Leather Care 4 Oz


SKU: 36010630

• Cleans, softens and preserves all finished leather
• Removes scuffs
• Genuine Carnauba Wax buffs easily to a shine
• Will not change color or shade of leather
• Works best on finished, exotic and leather of any color

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Are you looking for leather cleaner and conditioner that can be used on boots, shoes, car interiors, furniture and just about everything else? Blackrock Leather Care has got you covered. It’s safe to use on anything except for suede or nubuck. Since it’s made with Carnauba wax, it will help to protect your leather making it water repellent. You can even use this on your exotic leathers like snakeskin, shark, ostrich and alligator. If it’s leather, you’ll want to use Blackrock.