Custom Boots

So, you found the perfect pair of boots but maybe the fit is not quite right. Or perhaps you can’t find the style that matches your personality. Not everyone can find that perfect look or perfect boot off-the-rack. If that’s you, Stompers Boots is here to provide you with a great fit and boots that can be personalized just for you. Stompers Boots, in partnership with some of North America’s finest boot makers, can arrange just what you need and want. The benefit of custom footwear goes beyond function; there is form as well. Whether you’re looking to build a custom fitted boot, or a boot designed to fit your unique taste, we will ensure a great fit and perfect look. We can create a custom shoe or boot created to fit your one-of-a-kind foot as well as your one-of-a-kind style.

Form – Express Your Individual Style

From Dressage, to Oxfords, knee high work boots to the perfect boot for your bike (be it a moped or a touring bike). Stompers boots can help you find the style, leather, color and detailing to bring your dreams to fruition. You choose your boot height, type leather and leather colors, the hardware, arch, heel height and more.

Function – Great Comfort and Enhanced Support

Off-the-rack footwear is mass produced and just cannot fit everybody. Many people find it difficult to find the right fit when it comes to footwear. There are a myriad of fit issues that custom boots can resolve: feet of different sizes, wide feet, narrow feet, flat feet, high insteps, bunions, hammer toes, and injuries; the list goes on. Poorly fitted boots can cause everything from simple blisters, to plantar fasciitis and even back pain. Custom boots are the answer for those who spend their days on their feet and those whose feet are hard to fit.

Boot Brands

Stompers Boots offers custom boots from some of North America’s premier boot makers including Dehner and Wesco. Starting from dozens of basic designs our boot making partners can custom craft your concept into shoes and boots that will stand the test of time and fit your feet like no other. It’s a great way to put a personal spin on a great pair of boots.


For more information about ordering Custom Boots, please call or text us at 954.761.1236, or fill out our Contact form.