Wesco Motor Patrol 16 Inch Black Dress Sole



  • Vibram 430 sole
  • 16″ Black Leather lined shaft
  • Permanently formed Stytherm counter
  • Slightly arched steel shank
  • Full-leather vamp lined with leather
  • Hard toe
  • Sweat-resistant full-leather insole
  • Full-leather midsole
D / Regular / Medium

WESCO builds these boots on lasts expressly designed for producing high-quality dress boots with low heels – ½ inch lower than the standard Wesco Boss logger heel. The toe is clean and dressy while the heel is straight and low. The top has a classic Spanish top that sweeps upward on the outside of the boot. The entire boot is lined in thick 4.5 Ounce Black Leather. This makes the foot area smooth, supple, and comfortable The combination of the heavy leather and stitched down construction make this boot sturdier and more water-resistant than traditional motor patrol and equestrian boots. Wesco designed these boots for motor patrol units in the Pacific Northwest of the US where it is often cool and wet. The boot foot and shaft are lined by a smooth inner leather layer which contributes to the strength and comfort of the boot. This extra layer of leather complements the careful fit and excellent arch support. The boot’s comfort is further enhanced by a cushioned foot liner like those found in athletic shoes. Our new customers are often surprised when they discover how comfortable these sturdy boots are!

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This boot runs true to size. Fits like a Nike or New Balance athletic shoe.

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